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Jim Burger to speak at ‘Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age’

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March 21, 2013

Lobbying & Policy group member Jim Burger will appear at two sessions of “Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age,” a conference for digital and entertainment innovators to be held June 18-19 at Stanford University.

The conference is organized by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers with the Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering.

At a special evening session, “Legal and Illegal Distribution Over the Internet: Can We Find Common Solutions?”, Burger will join technology leaders from Google, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Warner Bros. The group will talk about Congress’ efforts to more aggressively target online infringement, and whether that increased enforcement would chill innovation or harm the open nature of the Internet.

Burger will also appear on another panel about Closed Captioning technology and the federal government’s efforts to extend accessibility features to Internet content.

Click here for more information on Burger’s presentations ‘Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age.”

Burger’s extensive experience in the copyright law arena includes his work leading negotiations to exempt the computer industry from the Audio Home Recording Act, to avoid passage of the Digital Video Recording Act, and prevent passage of analog hole legislation. He has also led work on the intellectual property and content protection aspects of such successful new digital business models as DVD and Blu-ray.