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Jim Burger co-authored article on e-waste, counterfeiting featured on

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Jim Burger

Published on: 1/23/2015

Lobbying & Policy member Jim Burger co-authored a recent article on the national security threat of electronic waste for National Defense magazine. The magazine is a publication of the National Defense Industrial Association, an organization for defense professionals in government and industry.

The article, "Electronic Waste Rules Could Help Thwart Flow of Counterfeit Parts," details the dangers of allowing counterfeit electronics from China to enter the U.S. supply chain, an issue Jim has lobbied on and written about extensively.

Jim wrote the article with Henry Livingston, a technical director and Engineering Fellow at BAE Systems, a global defense, security and aerospace company, and Tom Sharpe, vice president at SMT Corp., an electronics distributor to the defense and aerospace industries and counterfeit mitigation laboratory.

What can the U.S. do to stop the flow of counterfeit goods into the United States? “While prevention and detection measures are important, we believe we must also choke off the counterfeiters’ feedstock: e-waste exports,” the authors wrote.

"Legislation that promotes responsible electronics recycling would be a major step in halting the flow of e-waste from the United States that undermines our national security. Such legislation would require domestic recycling of all untested, nonworking electronics. By keeping these materials in the United States, we will keep them out of the hands of counterfeiters."

After the article appeared in National Defense magazine, a contributor to, picked up on the issue and wrote a blog post about the "intriguing piece about the unappreciated national security benefits of recycling electronic waste."