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Jim Burger gives a copyright outlook for 2014

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Jim Burger

Published on: 2/4/2014

IP and Lobbying & Policy member Jim Burger was quoted in a Jan. 15 article in Intellectual Property Watch. The article, “In U.S., 2014 Promises Bad News For Patent Trolls And Trademark Owners,” discussed recent developments in copyright law, including an infringement suit brought by TV broadcasters against Aereo, Inc. Aereo allows its customers to watch content from broadcast channels whenever they want. In order to resolve the judicial split over the legalities of Aereo’s activities, the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review the decision of the Second Circuit.

“If Aereo wins, it can be disruptive to established industries,” Jim told the publication. “Aereo would allow cord cutting. It would let anyone who gets an internet connection to get over-the-air TV. The losers would be cable companies, satellite TV, and broadcasters.”

Jim Burger also moderated a recent panel at a CLE program organized by the Federal Communications Bar Association. The Jan. 27 program focused on “Social Media Legal Issues for Traditional Media Companies.”

Jim led a session on copyright policy. The session covered the DMCA’s “Safe Harbor” provisions, the concept of statutory licenses for copyrighted materials, and what the government and copyright owners can do to inform users of the limitations of copyright and other IP laws. The session’s panelists included Matt Schruers, Vice President of Law & Policy at the Computer & Communications Industry Association, and William Roberts, Senior Counsel to the Register, Copyright Office.