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Jim Burger talks counterfeits on Internet radio

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Jim Burger

Published on: 10/4/2013

IP and Lobbying & Policy member Jim Burger was a featured guest on a recent episode of an Internet radio program focused on consumer product safety.

"People to People: Working Together for Your Safety," is a weekly talk radio program on Voice America hosted by Stan Salot Jr., a national expert in quality process management, particularly in electronics and manufacturing. VoiceAmericais one of the world's largest producers of original Internet talk radio programming.

In an Oct. 1 episode focused on product failures caused by counterfeit components, Jim discussed his recent efforts on behalf of the U.S. semiconductor industry to block counterfeit electronics from the U.S. supply chain.

"Semiconductors are the hidden power surrounding us," Burger said in the episode. (His segment begins at 15:30.) "Your car has more computing power than the Apollo lunar module. The next generation of submarines rely entirely on semiconductors. If any of those are counterfeit or faulty, that spells disaster."

Burger detailed the robust counterfeit market for electronics that starts in China and too often ends up in the U.S. He previously wrote with Kimberly Heifetz about the issue in a much-discussed article for the online publication Defense One.