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Ken Salomon updates education groups on higher ed policy issues

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Ken Salomon

Published on: 4/7/2014

Lobbying & Policy Chair Ken Salomon gave comprehensive political updates to two higher education groups this spring.

At the ACUTA Annual Conference in Dallas April 1-2, he presented an update on congressional and Administration developments affecting educational telecommunications.

ACUTA represents 1,900 telecommunications professionals at more than 600 higher education institutions with members ranging from small schools and community colleges to the 50 largest U.S. institutions in all 50 states, Canada and New Zealand.

Issues Ken discussed included:

  • House and Senate progress on reauthorization of the Higher Education Act
  • House Judiciary Committee initiative to revise the Copyright Act for the 21st Century
  • House Energy and Commerce Committee re-write of federal communications laws
  • Congressional efforts to pass a data security/breach notification law
  • The Administration’s critical infrastructure voluntary cybersecurity guidelines
  • Department of Education’s new guidance on protecting student privacy when using online education facilities
  • Recently introduced TEACH Act designed to ensure access electronic instructional materials and information technologies for students with disabilities

Ken also spoke at the 99th Annual Conference of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) in Miami on March 27.

UPCEA is a membership organization primarily made up of the deans of continuing and professional education at public colleges and universities.

Ken gave a briefing on online learning policy developments in Congress, including the status of a number of pending bills. He also provided an outlook for the mid-term congressional election and how the outcome of the election will change the makeup of the key committees with jurisdiction over online learning. While in Miami, Ken attended the meeting of the UPCEA Corporate Advisory Council. Ken is a charter member of the Council, which includes executives of Blackboard, InsideTrack, Jenzabar, and Hobsons.