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Semiconductor industry releases whitepaper on counterfeiting

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Jim Burger

Published on: 8/30/2013

The Semiconductor Industry Association's Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force released a brand-new whitepaper this month that details the critical problem of counterfeit semiconductors entering U.S. markets.

Thompson Coburn Lobbying & Policy partner Jim Burger is a member of the task force and contributed to the report. Jim previously wrote about the threat of counterfeit semiconductors in a widely-distributed article for the online publication Defense One, "Counterfeits Can Kill U.S. Troops. So Why Isn’t Congress and DoD Doing More to Stop it?"

In SIA's whitepaper, the group details one straightforward action that can be taken immediately to help stop the flow of counterfeit semiconductors into the United States: Buy semiconductor products either directly from Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs) or their authorized distributors or resellers.

"The only way to ensure that semiconductor components are authentic, and have optimal quality and reliability levels, is to buy them exclusively through authorized sources," according to the whitepaper, "Winning the Battle Against Counterfeit Semiconductors."

SIA and its member companies, including IBM, Intel, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments, are actively working with distributors, customers and government agencies, to raise awareness of the threats posed by counterfeit semiconductors and take direct steps to reduce the supply of these illegal products.