The House is not in session. Senate is not in session.



As lobbyists, we serve not just as your guide to Washington but your strategic partner. Whether you want to support or oppose legislation, modify regulations, or retain the status quo, we can help you navigate the volatile D.C. landscape and lead you to the successful achievement of your goals. In the event your organization faces investigation by or heightened scrutiny from Congress or a segment of the executive branch, we can defend you and help you navigate the process.

A key part of our advocacy is our ability to track federal and state policies and administrative actions and provide you with up-to-the-minute details. Supported by our sophisticated research system, we track competitive funding opportunities across all branches of the government and assist in the promotion of federal grant, loan, and loan guarantee applications. We can also coordinate Congressional lobbying days and industry events, seminars, and briefings that position your organization in front of your target audience.

Our firm is bipartisan, and our practice is bicameral. We are equipped to advise you on a broad range of policy issues, especially in the areas of education, intellectual property, privacy, financial services, public transit, transportation, and e-commerce. We can connect your organization with key policymakers so you can develop meaningful relationships within government as well as with specific industries and business sectors.


What does your organization want to accomplish in Washington? We ask this question first and use the answer to guide all stages of our strategic planning for you. If you want to increase your organization's profile in D.C., our bipartisan team can custom-tailor an approach that refines your message, targets key decision-makers, identifies potential allies, and proactively plans for opposition.

Our comprehensive government relations and public policy plans are client-specific and highly-focused. They could include the identification and management of PAC proposals, the development of a targeted public relations campaign, or recommendations about which boards, associations, or philanthropic causes can best support your goals.

We build our strategic frameworks around the values of our clients, and those values are reflected in every step of our political initiatives. We constantly evaluate our approach and, given the rapid pace of today's regulatory and political environment, are ready to shift course at a moment's notice.


In the noisy political din of Washington, a clear, compelling message speaks volumes. We craft your message so it resonates with policymakers and speaks their language. Our experience informs us that the most effective messaging plans are multi-tiered and span multiple platforms. Direct lobbying, coalition building, sophisticated public relations tactics, and the effective use of social media and blogs: we explore all these options and pick the most effective course of action.

Consistency is key. Through whatever avenues we push your message, it will stay consistent, track closely with your ultimate goal, and most importantly, ring true for the players you are targeting. We extend the reach of your message through media coverage, public relations initiatives, and coalition-building. We also can back up your position through the development of highly effective position papers, draft legislation, report language, testimony, congressional correspondence, or regulatory comments.

Should your organization or any of its representatives appear before Congress or a regulatory agency, our team can work closely with you to develop the core messaging techniques that result in persuasive, on-point communications. In addition, we work with a talented team of graphic designers, copy editors, and printers to produce sophisticated, eye-catching publications, leave-behinds, digital documents, and videos.


To be truly heard, your message does not need to be louder - it must be stronger. By tapping our friends, allies, and strategic partners, we can help you build relationships with allies whose support can take your initiative to the next level. These partners could include emerging companies, international and local government systems, trade associations, nonprofits, universities, and members of the investment community.

We think creatively about blended coalitions, pulling in thought leaders and potential supporters from unexpected places. We serve as your connector, pinpointing the most effective partners, securing support, and following through with a plan for a unified front. Once connected, we can manage the coalition so that your strategic plans remain on course and focused on achieving your objectives.

Whatever the goal, by linking your priorities to those of other entities - be they associations, philanthropies, researchers, think tanks, government agencies, or other select coalitions - your message is amplified and your reach extended.


Knowledge is power. That maxim is particularly true in Washington, where policy changes can instantly wreak havoc on an organization's long-term goals. You need to stay up-to-speed on the host of political issues affecting your domestic and international landscape, and we can help. We deliver superior research and due diligence that gives you an edge and ensures your organization, transaction, or investment will not be caught unaware by a new law, regulation, or administrative decision.

Our customized research system not only helps you respond more effectively to pending Congressional or regulatory actions, but also identifies risks, analyzes challenges, and uncovers new opportunities. From ongoing, client-specific bill tracking to legislative and regulatory due diligence on an investment or transaction, our analysis can be a critical part of informing your decision-making and leading you to success.

After determining your needs and vision, we can follow-up by drafting legislative language, composing advocacy letters and white papers, or compiling further background information. As we monitor, analyze, and report on legislative and regulatory developments, we keep your organization's priorities front-of-mind and strive to deliver dramatic results that accomplish your goals.